ROS2 Projects for Soccer and NAO

I’ve developed some ROS2 projects for RoboCup to get a NAO up and running in ROS2. Some of the repositories are not SPL-specifc such that they can be used in other leagues too. I am planning on continuing development and maintaining these packages. :man_mechanic: I appreciate feedback, issues and pull requests on these packages! Below is a screenshot and a gif showing some features that you can expect from these packages. :point_down:

3D Visualization of field line vision data received from SimSpark Simulation

Visualization of eye leds for the NAO

Links to the projects

Soccer Interfaces - Some interfaces used in soccer, I would like to expand this topic to cover many msgs that teams can reuse. Discussion is worth a whole nother post.

Soccer Visualization - Converts soccer interfaces to visualisable topics for RViz.

Team ijnek - Some example code to make a NAO robot crouch and do a simple kick.

Nao Interfaces - Interfaces that can be used for interacting with the NAO, preserving a a similar format to the NAO LoLA interface.

Nao LoLA - A layer that communicates with LoLA (Low Level Abstraction) and does the conversion between sensor data / effector commands and ROS2 topics.

Nao Soccer Sim - Launches a Nao Robot in the SimSpark simulator and allows interaction with it through ROS2 topics.

Nao - Contains Softbank’s 3D model for the NAO V6

Nao IK - B-Human’s NAO inverse kinematics wrapped for ROS2.

Nao Soccer Visualization - Extends Soccer Visualization to also visualize information about the Nao in RViz.


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