Nao Interfaces: API changes and package renaming

Some SPL-related ROS 2 packages for the Nao robot have been renamed, and API changes. The old packages have been deprecated in ROS 2 Rolling, and will be removed in future ROS 2 distributions. Please migrate your code to the new packages.

Packages from nao_interfaces are now deprecated, this includes nao_command_msgs and nao_sensor_msgs. These packages have been moved to the Nao Lola repo, and have been renamed to nao_lola_command_msgs and nao_lola_sensor_msgs.

Additionally, in Nao Lola:

  • nao_lola package has been renamed to nao_lola_client.
  • nao_lola_conversion package was added, and will contain a node that converts nao-specific messages to/from commonly used ROS msgs.

The migration was done to reduce number of repositories, and to prevent potential clash of the use of “nao_interfaces”, with official ROS 2 nao interface packages.

Happy developing!

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Hi @ijnek!
Is there any led change when the new Nao Lola client is running?

Hi, if there are any changes to the behavior including the leds, that is an unintended bug. Please consider reporting a GitHub issue or raising a PR. I’ll have a look at it too.