Field Dimension Publisher Proposal

I propose a package for publishing field dimensions in ROS2, one package for each league. This is to provide a way for nodes to easily access field dimensions.

Considering there is no global parameter server in ROS2, my instinct is to publish the field dimensions once at the start on a transient_local topic such that all nodes can access this information even if they join later.

I will take the middle-sized league as an example, where the field dimensions are clearly defined in the rulebook as below:

Screenshot from 2021-09-21 11-28-43

Screenshot from 2021-09-21 11-28-53

Below is a diagram illustrating how we can have a YAML file per field, and we can publish the dimensions on a topic for other nodes to use.

field dimension topic.drawio

Below is the msg that will be published on /field_dimension_msl.

// FieldDimensionsMSL.msg
float32 A  // 22.0 for the example above
float32 B  // 14.0 for the example above
float32 Q  // 3.5 for the example above

I am interested in hearing feedback about this proposal from teams that are using ROS or ROS2. Thanks!

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