About the Q&A category

Q&A - Ask your RoboCup-related questions in here, so the rest of the community can learn from your experience.

Here are some guidelines you should read before you posting your question in this forum:

  • Search before you ask questions, there may be solutions to your problems already out there.

  • Be specific. It helps the volunteers that are answering.

  • Use code blocks over screenshots for code, like:

   print("Use Code Blocks like this!")
  • Provide the following:

    • Operating System (eg. Ubuntu20.04)
    • Robot Platform (eg. NAO V6)
    • Version of libraries you are using (eg. ROS2 Foxy)
  • Mark your question as “solved”, if it is solved.

Please try and answer the questions that you can. Nothing is worse than having a Q&A forum with only questions and no answers! We encourage the community to answer questions as much as they can.

We thank all forum members that dedicate their time to responding to other’s questions and helping them out. :rocket: